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What assumptions do I bring to the work?

What is my relationship to the work under scrutiny?

How does it impact on the experience, documentation and dissemination of research?

How might my chosen research methods and my articulation of them best reflect my practice and the specifics of work in the studio

What is the blend of materials available to me? Body memories, video documents, interviews, log books, contextual research and reading- taking account of the non-linearity of their arrangement

How does context operate in the theatre laboratory?

How do I address issues of translation and transmission, from movement to words for example?

How do I balance immersion and reflection in the studio and beyond?

How do I bridge the gap between the analytical and the experimental?

The gulf between writing about and writing from practice?

How do I manage shifts from facilitator, to participant, to researcher?

Who is my audience and how do I acknowledge this in the dissemination of my research?

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