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Lake Bled, Slovenia, 2017

Beyond the body and mind, beyond emotions and thoughts, beyond matter and energy lies the domain of wholeness.


It is a place of healing, for healing and wholeness are but different words (actually the same word, at root) for the same truth. It is also a realm of 'spirit', when the meaning of that word is abstracted from it's common religious interpretation.


Spirit originally meant that which gives life, and this domain of wholeness is common ground for the diverse aspects that constitute living and being.


We can touch this place of wholeness where body and mind, emotions and thought, matter and energy are given to us as one. We can touch this place where healing waters meet. 


(Ford 1993:202) Where Healing Waters Meet: Touching Mind and Emotion through the Body (1989) Barrytown, NY: Stanton Hill Press.

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